iSync no longer on Lion


We’ve all used iSync at one time or another. In the days of oldness and wrinkly bags, we would use iSync to sync contacts and calendars, but now in Lion, Apple has progressively advanced from a separate application to do this bidding and moved to the cloud or rely on iTunes to sync everything to our iPhones, iPods or iPads.

Lion beta testers are coming in flocks to say that iSync, alongside Rosetta and various other applications, are no longer found in the developer build of Lion. iSync is known as the app that would help owners of phones (excluding the iPhone) sync their information to and from their Macs with ease. With this gone, is Apple trying to say that the iPhone is your first and only choice when choosing to switch to a Mac or does Apple have something else planned for those people who still have Nokia N96s, RAZRs, and the like? We doubt Apple is going to try and support such outdated phones, especially when the iPhone is on the market, but we always have high hopes.

Article Via TUAW

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