Is Apple Care worth the price?

Is Apple Care worth the extra cost?

We have more and more converts converting to the Mac end of the computing spectrum. When they begin looking at purchasing their machine they must ask themselves, do I spend the extra cash on Apple Care or get more on the computer and forego Apple Care?

Well, it depends. If you’re handy with tools and don’t mind tinkering and fixing it yourself, you could skip on getting Apple Care and get a better system. Do remember though that all Apple hardware comes with a one year warranty out of the box.

Another thing to consider as well is that as long as you purchase Apple Care within the first year, you can extend it to the full 3 years for Macs, or two Years for iPods and iPhones.

So, if you’re on a budget and would rather get better system now, go for it, ’cause you can always get Apple Care. But if you would rather spend the money now, and save up for another Mac later on, and just replace it when it comes time, feel free to do that as well.

There are those who argue whether or not Apple Care is really worth the cost at all. Just remember that if you decide to not get Apple Care at all, and it’s after the initial one year warranty period, you are going to most likely have to pay Apple, or somebody else, to fix your computer if it breaks. This can be a costly proposition, depending on what is needed.

Another aspect to determine is how soon you plan on replacing the system, and if you do replace it within a year, are you going to hand it down to somebody else. If so, are they comfortable without Apple care? If they are, then maybe you don’t need it.

I consider Apple Care to be the security blanket that is good to have, even if you never use it. Just because if that hard drive does die before the end of the warranty you can have Apple replace it. On that subject, Do you have a current backup of your system?

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