iPhone tips and tricks, and a little diatribe

This blog started off as a nice little way for me to remember things I’ve come across in my journey through the great switch. I have to say I’m a pretty selfish guy; the apps, the tips, the tutorials have all been for my personal benefit. My memory pretty much sucks. But, in doing this I’ve realized that a lot of people out there are in the same boat as me. I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination, nor do I pretend to be.

However, there’s no greater feeling than stumbling across some piece of information that makes our “computing” lifestyle easier. It’s why I feel the need to pass along anything awesome I find. Somewhere along the line I went from being extremely self-serving to wanting to share things with all the readers. The comments following posts, in emails, and direct messages on twitter have been more then I ever expected I could get out of this “gig”. You guys are the GREATEST!

What brought on that little diatribe you ask? A simple little 12 iPhone tricks article I stumbled across. Not having the luxury of using the first generation iPhone has made me feel much like I did the day I opened my first iBook–behind the curve, out of my element, in complete panic. But, once again the internet has come to my rescue, and I’ve managed to find tutorials, walkthroughs, and explanations about things that most of you probably dealt with last year. I <3 the internet so much right now!

So continuing with the tradition that has been developed over the last year, I’ve come across a very helpful article on iPhone tips and tricks that I wanted to pass along. I have to say, living in Canada, the most helpful one has to be the alternate character trick. Genius. Anyway, head over to ismashphone.com and check out their tips. Thanks a ton guys, you’ve just made my life a little easier.

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