Icons not showing within Grid View in Leopard

So you install a new application, by downloading it, dragging it to your applications folder, open up the ‘grid’ view under the application launcher on the Dock and all you get is a broken application icon… well there’s a quick fix for that. It involves either Activity Monitor or terminal (whichever you feel more comfortable with).

For Activity Monitor, open up Applications -> Utilities -> Activity Monitor. Once Activity Monitor opens, under ‘Process Name’ find Dock. Click on ‘Dock’ and then click on ‘Quit Process’. The Dock should automatically restart.

Under Terminal, type in the following command. “killall Dock”. The ‘D’ must be capitalized. The Dock should restart.

Click on the application launcher on the Dock and magically it should display the icon. Just another quick tip to fix an annoying problem.

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