How To Listen To Apple Music On Your Sonos System

Apple Music has launched. Your Sonos system is currently sitting there collecting dust while Zane Lowe is spinning those black circles like a man on fire. You don’t have to be left out of the party. After all, you want to be part of this 24/7, worldwide stream of music goodness.

Here’s how you can get Apple Music pumping over your Sonos System with AirPlay.

You Need:

Getting’r Done:

  • Plug your Airport Express audio port into the Sonos Connect with an RCA (male) to 1/4 Inch Audio Cable (male).
  • Open Airport Utility, and configure the Airport Express so you can connect to the system over AirPlay from iOS or OS X.
  • Open your Sonos application, and make sure your Sonos Connect is online, and accessible (Connect Manual).
  • Group your speakers with your Sonos Connect.
    • To group using iOS, bring up the Rooms screen by touching the Room name at the top of your screen.
    • On the Rooms screen, touch ‘Group’ on the Room you wish to group with, and make sure you’ve selected your Connect as one of the “rooms”.
    • Check the boxes on the speakers (or rooms) you wish to group, then tap ‘done’.
  • Open the Apple Music app on your iPhone / iPad.
  • Pick the music you want to listen to, or the Beats One stream.
  • Click the AirPlay icon next to the audio timeline, and select your newly named AirPort Express connection.

Boom. Apple Music streaming over your Sonos system.

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