How To Add Blank Spaces To Your Home Screen Without Jailbreaking

If you’re looking to add blank spaces to your iOS home screen, instead of having all the applications line up one after another, a newly found bug in iOS has made it possible.

  1. Put your apps in this order in the bottom row of an iOS page: App, Group with two apps in it, app, app.
  2. Move an app out of the folder, and onto the last app in the row to create a new folder.
  3. While maintaining your touch on the screen, drag the application back to its original position.
  4. Go back to the newly created folder, tap and hold the application inside it, and move it to the location where you want the space to appear on your home screen.


Frankly, it’s completely asinine that we even have to do this sort of thing to get a spacer onto our home screens.  This is a great find by Dom Esposito over at App Advice.

Via App Advice

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