How To Connect Your Bluetooth Keyboard To Your Apple TV

The Apple TV now supports Bluetooth keyboards, but how do you actually go about connecting one to your device, and why would you want to connect a keyboard to your Apple TV? We’re not really sure just yet. Entering text can be a pain when setting up the device, as can entering passwords and searching for your favorite media titles around the device. You can also use your iPhone or iPad, and the Remote application to do something similar.

Anyway, setting it up is actually pretty simple:

  1. Turn nn the Apple TV,
  2. Open the Settings app,
  3. Select General, then Bluetooth,
  4. Put your keyboard into pairing mode (press and hold power button for Apple keyboard),
  5. Follow the steps on the screen, enter the passcode, and boom… connected

We’re hoping this is just the first step towards letting people use a keyboard or game controller when mirroring apps and games to the Apple TV, but as it stands, that isn’t the case. Hopefully iOS 7 brings that kind of tech to the Apple TV, but as of now it’s all unsubstantiated rumors on this front. Hopefully it happens, but it may not, at least any time soon.

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