Here’s How To Place Folders Inside Of Other Folders In iOS 7.1

iOS users are able to combine apps together to make a folder, but they’re not allowed to place folders inside of other folders.

A glitch in iOS 7, however, let users get around this limitation. With iOS 7.1, Apple went and patched up the bug, but it appears that there’s now another, even easier way, of doing it.

If you’re an organizational connoisseur looking to get some folder on folder action going on your device, just watch the video below and follow the simple steps:

  1. Create a folder that contains at least two apps. This is the folder that will go inside of another folder.
  2. Take two other apps and use them to create a second folder.
  3. Immediately after you create this second folder, tap and hold your finger back on the original folder that you created.
  4. You’ll see that you may now simply drag that second folder right into the first one.

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