Getting non-encrypted Blu-Ray content to play on your Mac.

The lack of Blu-Ray support in Mac OS X is slowly driving me insane. As my Blu-Ray collection grows, my disdain for Apple executives snowballs. The fact that I can’t play Blu-Ray content on my three thousand dollar computer is absolutely infuriating. That said, just because we can’t play back commercially produced (Encrypted) Blu-Ray discs doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy unencrypted Blu-Ray content. To accomplish this, you’ll need MakeMKV and Handbrake installed on your system as well as access to a Blu-Ray drive.

Essentially, all you have to do is point MakeMKV to the index.bdmv file on your Blu-Ray disc, and then it will output a .mkv file which can be passed onto Handbrake. Once in Handbrake, you can compress it to play in Quicktime, iTunes, and on your AppleTV.

Remember, this only works for non-encrypted content. Cracking commercial content may be illegal in your country. Not to mention that it isn’t exactly easy to accomplish if you wanted to do so.

Photo Credit: pareeerica

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