Get the size of a group of files with the option key.

Have you ever wanted to get the file size of a group of files in a Finder window but have no freaking clue how to do it? You’d think it would be as simple as selecting a bunch of files, right clicking, then clicking get info, but to no avail. Instead you get a ton of Get Info windows that are a pain in the ass to close, but still no summation of the file sizes.

Well, you can do it, but you need to use a keyboard shortcut to do it. This is where that trusty option key comes in handy, yet again. Highlight the files you want to add up, push these three keys, and you’re off to the races, option+command+i.

Now you can get the file size of a bunch of files in a group instead of the file size of thirty different files. Seems like something that should come default in an operating system, no?

If you’re not big on keyboard shortcuts you can also right click, then hit the option key. You’ll see that “Get Info” turns into “Get Summary.”

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