Get Rid Of The iOS YouTube Problem Once And For All

I bet you’ve been elbows deep in reading a fantastic article on the web, then the author mentions a YouTube video. I bet you’ve clicked on it, hoping just to hop backwards in Safari once you’re done with it, only to lose your mind the moment Mobile Safari minimizes and opens the YouTube application instead. This was great in iOS 2, when YouTube wasn’t built to play nice with HTML 5. But, now that the website works lovely in mobile browsers, it’s pretty pointless. Kill it. Kill it with FIRE!

Let’s disable this awful experience right now:

  1. Click,
  2. Then General,
  3. Then Restrictions.
  4. Click Enable Restrictions.
  5. Set a Restrictions passcode
  6. Finally, turn off YouTube.

Turning YouTube off not only removes the application from your homescreen, but it also stops Safari from forwarding you to the YouTube application every single time you click a YouTube link. Can I get a hallelujah?

Via: iLounge

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