Demobilizer Safari extension: For when you want the “real” web

Have you ever saved a link on the iPhone or iPad, only to find that opening it in Safari on your Mac gave you the mobile version of the site you intended to visit?

Well, now there’s a nifty little extension to solve this problem. It’s called ‘Demobilizer’ and is made by Mike Piontek, the man behind the brilliant Delivery Status Dashboard widget and the matching iOS application.

He describes the extension like this:

Demobilizer takes mobile web pages and automatically redirects them to the full site. For example, is redirected to, and is redirected to This can be pretty useful if you like to bookmark or Instapaper pages on your phone, then view them on your computer later. It’s also helpful when someone posts a link to a mobile site but you’re viewing it on your computer.

If you run into this problem from time to time, the extension is worth checking out. Get it on

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