Creep Facebook in realtime from your desktop

I use Facebook just like everyone else, but I seriously try to limit the frequency of my visits. It’s hard work creeping other people’s lives all day. I mean, how else am I gonna know Joe’s watching TV, and drinking alone again? Someone has to keep an eye on him, right?

Facebook has made it really, really, really easy to creep all your followers and fans, or whatever they’re called on Facebook. They’ve gone and made desktop notifiers for a bunch of operating systems, and OS X gets the luxury of having a menubar application. You’ll get live updates with Growl when someone adds info to your profile, and that’s pretty handy in and of itself.

So, if you’re looking for another way to distract yourself while at work, you might want to give this a go.

One obvious downside to this application is that it’s constantly redirecting you to the website in order to get your information. While it’s not completely unexpected, I’d be sure to use this a lot more if I could access Facebook from the menubar without getting sucked into Facebook. It makes sense from their standpoint, considering the only thing they’re making money off of is ads, but I’m not completely against the idea of them embedding them into the application.

Image Credit: jdlasica
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