Create a real DIY ipod/iphone dock.

There’s hardcoare, and than there’s really HARDCORE!!!1!!!

We’ve all seen the do-it-yourself dock articles that are being passed around the internet lately, but frankly, they all suck the big one. These guys give you a step-by-step run through of creating a dock with your usb connector and the insert apple gives you with your ipod.

Huge props to the guys over at Voltage for putting this together for all of us to see! The sure inspired me to try something similar. I once made a USB hub – mouse pad out of some plexiglass, LEDs… and a USB hub. It didn’t turn out nearly as neat and tidy, nor did it really work. The burns weren’t worth a retry. But, the guys at voltage have kind of inspired me to bust out the dremel with this one.

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