Connect to FTP with Snow Leopard and the Finder

Did you know you can access an FTP, or AFP server from the Finder? If you find yourself needing to access one of these file servers every now and then, but not enough to warrant any additional costs, then you can make use of the Finder’s built in connect to server options.

It’s really handy, because once connected, it embeds the connection info, and an access link along side all of your other drive listings in the Finder. Moving files between a server and your desktop would no longer require you to use another application. I spend a lot of time using a dedicated application for my FTP use, but if I need something quick and dirty, the Finder tools works just fine.


  1. Click on the Finder Icon
  2. Click on the Go option in the Menu Bar
  3. Click on the Connect to Server (for future reference you can just hit Command+K from the Finder)
  4. Now in the Server Address field you can type in the server information. (Note: It assumes AFP is being used unless you denote FTP.)
  5. Enter Your Connection info (ie.
  6. You should now be prompted to enter your login and password for the account
  7. Upon credential confirmation you’ll now have a new network drive appear on your desktop, and in your finder side bar.
  8. Drag and drop files to where you want them, and now you’re all done!
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