Combine Windows in Safari with one keyboard shortcut

One of the powers of OS X is the ability to create shortcuts for any menu item in an application. It’s come in handy before, and it’s coming in handy again this time. I’ve been struggling with a billion windows lately, and it’s been a pain keeping track of what’s open. I found myself wishing I could combine all of my windows into tabs in one Safari window. Turns out it’s easier than I originally thought it would be.

  1. Go to your system preferences
  2. Click on Keyboard
  3. Select the Keyboard Shortcuts Menu
  4. Click the + sign
  5. Select from the Application Drop down list
  6. In the Menu Title section type in the exact name of the menu item. In this case it’s “Merge All Windows”
  7. Then hit the keyboard combination you want to use in the Keyboard Section. I used CMD+M.
  8. Click Add.

Now, every time I hit CMD+M in Safari all of my windows combine into one window with a bunch of tabs. It’s made me sane again.

Hat tip goes out to Chasetastic, Mitchell_jj, and thomasborowski on twitter for their suggestions.

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