ClickToPlugin stops Web Annoyances from Loading

If you’re familiar with ClickToFlash and it’s Safari 5 extension ports, you’ll be familiar with the concept behind ClickToPlugin. Instead of just blocking Flash content from loading, this Safari 5 Extension halts Flash, Java, Silverlight, Windows Media, and QuickTime content from loading automatically.

Instead, you’ll see a grey placeholder box that can be activated with a click. After activation, the plug-in content works the same as it would sans-extension. This is a great way to save CPU cycles, battery life, bandwidth, and hassle. I can’t recommend this extension any higher.

If you would like plug-in content to load on specific URLs, you can easily add them to the “Greenlist.” The opposite is true if you add a URL to the “Redlist” — that blocks all plug-in content on specific domains. Also, there are a good handful of setting you can tweak as far as h.264 replacement goes for Flash content. Auto-play, maximum size, and buffer settings are all up to you.

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