City Edition: A weather screensaver that doesn’t suck

I know what you’re thinking: Screensavers suck pretty much unanimously. When it comes to my Mac I tend to only install things that have a purpose. Until now I’ve been running a stock screensaver, much like most of you, but then Roger Byrne sent me a pretty awesome website that lets you pick your city, and then downloads a screensaver with weather information. But here’s the catch: It doesn’t actually suck.

Seriously, a suck-free screensaver.

The screensaver alternates between displaying the weather today and the weather for tomorrow. That’s it. I mean, what other information will you be needing? Heading outside today or tomorrow? The Weather screensaver gives you everything you need to know. Seriously. They don’t list every single city on the planet, but if you live in a relatively large city, you’ll already be on their list.

It’s elegant, it’s simple, and it actually provides useful information. Install it. You won’t be disappointed.

Hat tip to Roger Byrne and @imjustcreative for sending this in.

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