You Can Encrypt Images And Videos In OS X For Some Additional Privacy

Worried about keeping some images or videos private and out of the gaze of some nogoodnik? Have no fear, Keychain Access is here. Bet you didn’t know that you could store top secret images and videos in a secure note in OS X, did you?

Notes in Keychain Access are encrypted with Triple DES algorithms, making it really difficult for your average joe or nerd to get at what you’re trying to keep personal. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

Here’s how to securely store images and video on the fly:

  • Open Keychain Access (use Spotlight)
  • Click File > New Secure Note
  • Drag and drop the image or video of your choice into the note
  • Click the add button

As a secondary tip, you can also put Keychain Access into your menubar so that you can quickly toggle your lock screen, screensaver and open Keychain Access without having to dig for it. Just open Keychain access, then open the preferences for the app (Keychain Access > Preferences). Under the general tab, click “Show keychain status in menu.”  You’re going to want to set this up so you can open your new notes from a service menu in your favorite applications.

You can open your image or note directly from Keychain Access as well. Just double click on your note, then check the “Show Note” box. A window will pop up asking for your password credentials. Input it, and you’ll then be met with your note or image.

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