Boot Camp Beta 1.4 Expires

Just an FYI, the Boot Camp beta 1.4 expired yesterday, 12-31-2007. What does this mean for you? Well if you’re running Leopard, it does not mean anything. You’ve got boot camp already up to date. For those who are running Tiger on Intel Macs, you will not be able to change the boot camp partition. When attempting to run the Boot Camp utility, you will receive the following message “Boot Camp Assistant Beta has expired.” There are two ways to remedy this.First is to set the clock back to before 01-01-2008, or upgrade to leopard. You will still be able to boot into windows and run it as you’d like. So for those who cannot upgrade to leopard yet or those who don’t want to upgrade to Leopard, if the need arises to you can always set the time back and edit your boot camp partition.

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