Here’s How You Can Block Unwanted Callers With iOS 7

Do you have a telemarketer hounding you, or are you totally creeped out by that random hookup who won’t stop bothering you? Among the many new features iOS 7 added, the most important might be the built-in ability to block numbers. You can completely cut off someone from calling, text messaging, and FaceTiming you right from the OS.

You can start blocking numbers on the Phone App. Just tap the “i” icon next to any of the names on the call log and then select “Block This Caller” at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively you can block a user via the Messages and FaceTime apps by accessing the person’s contact info in the conversation.

There’s also the option to block people by going into the Settings and scrolling down to the Phone, Messages, or FaceTime options. If you “accidentally” blacklisted someone and want to put him or her back on your good side, you can unblock them here too.

Blocked numbers won’t be able to leave you a message or contact you in anyway. What’s more, if they even try to bother you again, you won’t notice a missed call or notification of any sort.

Kevin Lee