Apple curiosities, and iPhone 4S battery tips

Some people have been noticing that the iPhone 4S battery isn’t performing better than the iPhone 4 at this point, despite the face that the iPhone 4S battery is supposed to be better. Everyone seems to be talking about it, and for what it’s worth, there are reports that Apple has begun contacting people to find out what exactly is going on with their phones according to The Guardian.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your phone, both iPhone 4S and the iPhones preceding it, get the most out its battery. The short answer is turning things off that you’re not using.

Here’s what I’ve done to extend my battery:

  • Turn off Bluetooth,
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, or turn off ‘Ask to Join Networks’
  • Turn off notifications for apps you don’t care about
  • Turn off Location Services that you’re not using (especially Reminders if you’re not using location based reminders).
  • Turn down the brightness of the display, and turn on ‘auto-brightness’.

There may very well be battery problems with some of phones that have been shipped to customers, but it could also be that you’re using a lot of resources on services that you rarely use on your phone.

iDownloadBlog thinks they may have stumbled on a fix to rid your phone of its battery ailments. We haven’t done any hardcore testing, so we can’t say for certain, but it looks like you can further tweak your location services for System services like the compass, diagnostics, iAds, traffic, and others. They have put a nifty trick together for you, so I won’t steal their thunder; instead, I recommend checking out their post.

Personally I’m getting 12-16 hours of total usage time (talk + standby), so I’m not having any problems of my own. How’s your iPhone 4S battery usage doing?

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