Apple User Gift ideas: For Under $25

With the holidays fast approaching, I thought I would give everybody some ideas for holiday gifts for the Apple users in their lives. This will be a series of articles that will allow anybody to purchase a gift for an Apple user, no matter if your budget is under $25 to over $2500. In this article we will focus on great gifts for under $25.

iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon is a book describing the way that Steve Wozniak built the first Personal computer and created a whole new area of hardware. The price as of this writing is $9.69.

iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business. This is a controversial book that goes into the history of Apple with Steve Jobs leaving and how with his return he produced one of the most Successfully companies of the 21st Century. The price as of this writing is $10.17.

For the iPod Classic owners there is the DLO HipCase Leather Folio Case for $14.99.

For the iPod Nano owners there is the Incipio EDGE Slider Crystal Case for $12.99.

For those with an iPod Touch there is the Speck PixelSkin Rubberized Case line. There are six different colors available in prices ranging from $12.87 to $18.14 as of this writing.

For the iPhone owners there is the iFrogz Luxe Case They come in either Blue/Black or Red/Black. They are both priced at $10.00 as of this writing.

If you have a movie buff who is also an Apple user there is the classic story Pirates of Silicon Valley. This movie deals with the beginnings of both Microsoft and Apple and the story that goes behind the two biggest computer companies. This is currently $13.99.

For a more accurate historic picture there is Hackers – Wizards of the Electronic Age. This documentary focuses on the hackers of the late 70’s that created the computer revolution. It’s currently priced at $14.95.

Of course there is always something from the History Channel, Modern Marvels – Computers. This is an hour long Modern Marvels that discusses the history of computers. It can be gifted for $13.99.

If your Apple user is running an Intel Mac and has not yet upgraded to Snow Leopard, Amazon has the Single user licensed copy for $24.99.

Of course there are always the classic standards, an iTunes Store gift card or just an Apple store gift card. Remember, these are just some ideas for Holiday gifts. There are thousands of others out there.

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