Apple User Gift Ideas: $500 to $1500

With the holidays coming up I thought I would give everybody some more ideas for holiday gifts for the Apple users in their lives. This series of articles will help you find some ideas for anybody who happens to be an Apple user, no matter if your budget is under $25 or over $2500. In this article we’ll try and find some gift ideas for those that have a budget between $500 and $1500.

Purchasing Apple products can be a rather expensive process, except with a budget between $500 and $1,000 dollars there are definitely some options within this range.

For those who want to purchase Apple products you can find a few items within the range. The first of them being the Mac Mini. There are some different models, including the base model for $574 over at Amazon, or the faster model for $764.95.

For the geekier Apple users who want to run their own server, but do not currently have a machine capable of running the OS X Server, you can always get them a Mac Mini Server for $993.24 at Amazon.

If your Apple user needs a portable machine for their use, you can always give them a white Macbook for $970.80. There is, of course, the Macbook Pro line. Including the 13″ Macbook Pro for $1149.00 from Amazon.

Some Apple users do not necessarily need a laptop, but instead want a desktop computer. For those users there is the 21.5″ base model iMac for $1,199 at Amazon, or the slightly beefier and better graphics of the upgraded 21.5″ iMac Model for $1,449.00 from Amazon.

If your Apple user is heavily into creating, editing and modifying videos you can always procure them a copy of Final Cut Studio for $868.99 from Amazon.

If you’re Apple user is into photography and printing their high-quality photos you could get them an Epson R2880 large format printer for $694.84 through If you’re not an Epson fan, there is the Canon Pixma Pro 9500 Mark II for $724.95 from Amazon.

Finally, if you’re Mac User just need a way to have a ton of storage and backup there is the Drobo Pro for $1,348.47, without hard drives, from Amazon.

As always there is the two standards, the iTunes Store gift card, or an Apple Store gift card. Also remember these are just some ideas for Holiday gifts. There are thousands of others great ideas out there.

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