Apple User Gift Ideas: $250 to $500

With the holidays coming up I thought I would give everybody some more ideas for holiday gifts for the Apple users in their lives. This series of articles will help you find some ideas for anybody who happens to be an Apple user, no matter if your budget is under $25 or over $2500. In this article we’ll try and find some gift ideas for those that have a budget between $250 and $500.

Apple users can be particular about their gifts and the way their gadgets work, however in the price range of $250 to $500 there are a myriad of options available.

If you know that your Apple user does not backup on a regular basis, The Apple Time Capsule may not be a bad idea. It can sync wirelessly and without any user interaction. It comes in two storage sizes, 1 Terabyte for $279.95 and the 2 Terabyte for $469.95.

If your Apple user loves to have a bunch of hard drives, and who doesn’t, you can always get them the G-tech G-Raid3 2TB which includes 1 Firewire 800 port, USB, and Firewire 400 port all for only $309 on Amazon.

Some Apple users need a ton of space, for those you can always pick up the original Drobo which will allow four hard drives for only $349.95 from Amazon.

Alternatively, if your Apple user doesn’t have an iPod Touch you can always get them one of the 64 GB models for $358 on Amazon.

A slim set of the Apple geek universe loves to run their own server, for those Apple users you could always get Snow Leopard Server for $397.00 from Amazon.

Some Apple geeks end up having to support non-Apple users. If that’s the case, and your Apple user has to have a copy of Windows installed, either in Bootcamp or in a virtual machine at least get them the latest version with the most bells and whistles, Windows 7 Ultimate for $291.49 from Amazon.

As always there is the two standards, the iTunes Store gift card, or an Apple Store gift card. Also remember these are just some ideas for Holiday gifts. There are thousands of others great ideas out there.

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