Apple User Gift ideas: $25 to $100

With the holidays fast approaching, I thought I would give everybody some ideas for holiday gifts for the Apple users in their lives. This will be a series of articles that will allow anybody to purchase a gift for an Apple user, no matter if your budget is under $25 to over $2500. In this article we’ll try and find some Gift ideas for those that have a budget between $25 and $100.

If your Apple user is running more than one Intel Mac and has not upgraded to Snow Leopard, you can always get them the Snow Leopard Family Pack which is currently $42.99.

If they have upgraded to Snow Leopard, but they do not have the Latest iLife ’09 Suite there is the Single user upgrade for $63.99. If the user has more than one Intel Mac you could always get them the Family Pack for $80.49. This will allow for five Intel Macs to be running the latest iLife suite.

However, if the Apple user on your list has already upgraded to Snow Leopard and is running the iLife ’09 suite, but thy have not yet gotten iWork ’09, you can purchase it for them. It’s currently available from Amazon for $64.49. Do not forget about the Family Pack for $80.49.

If you would rather get the Apple user some hardware there is a myriad of choices. These choices include, but are certainly not limited to, an External hard drive for some backup, like the Iomega Prestige line. The prices range from $64.95 for the 250GB portable to $96.10 for the 1 Terabyte desktop edition.

If your Apple user would like to be able to listen to their music anywhere in the house you can always get them an Airport Express that will allow them to stream their iTunes collection to any particular set of speakers with AirTunes. It can be theirs for $94.95 on Amazon.

If Music is not necessarily their favorite thing, but sitting on their computer while out and about, you can always get them a bluetooh mouse. A few examples include the Logitech V470 (blue) for $37.95, the Microsoft Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse for $34.00. Or, if they are a gamer, there is the Razer Orochi Bluetooth mouse for $79.99.

As always there are the two standards, the iTunes Store gift card, or an Apple Store gift card. Also remember these are just some ideas for Holiday gifts. There are thousands of other great ideas out there.

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