Apple User Gift ideas: $100 to $250

With the holidays fast approaching, I thought I would give everybody some ideas for holiday gifts for the Apple users in their lives. This will be a series of articles that will allow anybody to purchase a gift for an Apple user, no matter if your budget is under $25 to over $2500. In this article we’ll try and find some Gift ideas for those that have a budget between $100 and $250. If your budget is lower, check out the other articles, $25 to $100 and Under $25..

With Black Friday now over, and ‘Cyber Monday’ here, I thought I would go through one of the more interesting and possibly popular categories for gifts.

From Apple there are the iPods.

  • iPod Nano: 8GB for $134.99 at Amazon, or the 16GB for $165.99 at Amazon. They come in a variety of colors.
  • iPod Classic: the iPod Classic is the biggest of the iPods with a 160GB hard drive. It comes in Black or Silver. Both are $229.95 from Amazon.
  • iPod Touch: The 3rd Generation 8GB iPod touch is the easiest, non-phone, way into the iPhone OS application store. Amazon has the latest model for $178.00

If the Apple user on your list is into photography and editing photos you can always get them Aperature 2 for $160.49, as of right now, from Amazon.

For the audiophiles you can always purchase headphones, although sometimes headphones can be tricky to purchase due to personal preferences you can almost never go wrong with over the ear headphones. One example is the Beats: By Dr. Dre. They’re going for $228.00 on Amazon.

If your audiophile tends to listen to music while doing things around the house there is the Harman Kardon Soundstick II speaker set. Harmon Kardon means quality. They are currently priced at $125.60 on Amazon.

If they would prefer a ‘boombox’ type setup instead, there is the Altec Lansing inMation MIX iMT800 for iPod and iPhone. It currently goes for $203.93 at Amazon.

If you have a Television buff, or just somebody who likes to multi-task on your list. You can always get them an Elgato EyeTV 250 Plus. With this they can watch television on their Mac, all they need is a cable outlet.

Likewise, there is the Elgato H.264 Accelerator. This will aid in the conversion of media files to H.264 encoded videos by off-loading most of the heavy lifting to this hardware device. Amazon has it for just under the current price range at $99.99.

If your Apple user is going to be getting a new Mac for the Holidays you might want to also pick them up an Airport Extreme Wireless Base Station. It’s currently going for $167.75 from Amazon.

As always there are the two standards, the iTunes Store gift card, or an Apple Store gift card. Also remember these are just some ideas for Holiday gifts. There are thousands of other great ideas out there.

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