Add Feedly to Chrome on the Mac


RSS feeds were dead for me until I started using Feedly. I got really tired of looking at my feeds in the crappiest user interface known to man. Part of what I like about the internet is all the pretty pictures on my favourite sites. It’s a visual medium, so throwing text at me in a way that took me back to early 1993 annoyed me a lot.

I get it, content is king, and the written word holds more value than the design on a website, but for the love of all things holy, why do RSS readers look so crappy.

Anyway, my favourite RSS reader, Feedly was the only thing holding me to Firefox these days. The fox is a browser I’ll always respect, more for what it’s done, then what it’s doing, but I can’t take the bloat any more. I found myself using Safari and FireFox interchangeably, and it’s not uncommon for them both to be open on my machine at the same time. I’ve finally given up on the ‘Fox. Now that I can get Feedly in Chrome I don’t have a need for Firefox anymore, heck, I might not even have a need for Safari any longer.

A lot of people use Feedly, but I’d be willing to bet that many have no idea how to geet feedly to work in Chrome. It’s really straight forward. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Download and install the latest version of chrome.
  2. Click this Feedly Extension Link, while using Chrome.
  3. Click the Continue Button at the bottom of Chrome (It asks you if you want to install an extension of theme.
  4. Finito.

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