5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for a Geeky Dad

Father’s Day is coming up quickly, and if you’re strapped for ideas on what to get good ol’ pa this year, we’ve got five suggestions for you. We’re focusing on Geeky-Appleish things this go around.  Hopefully we can help round out some of your gift ideas with these suggestions.

Kensington Windshield/Vent Car Mount: $23.18

This bad boy will not only come in super handy while dad’s trying to navigate his way to your soccer practice, but it’ll also make sure he has his hands free at all times.  The Kensington Windshield mount for your iPhone is a perfect little gift for Dad.  It works extremely well if you have an auxiliary input for your car radio, or a Microsoft Sync system that lets you connect via Bluetooth or USB.  The mount system is built with a suction cup, so you won’t have to scrape off any gooey glue if you decide to remove the car mount at any time.

Handsfree mobile access is important these days, and it’s even required by law in some states and provinces.

You can pick one up on Amazon.

Saddleback Leather Sleeve: $60.00

If Dad’s a manly kind of guy, who prefers to leave the bells and whistles at home, then he probably wants a super manly iPad sleeve for his iPad. Saddleback Leather is known for their rugged, full grain leather gear, and their iPad and iPhone cases don’t disappoint. These things are as manly as they come!  The sleeves come in a variety of colors, and have a couple of pockets for cords and an iPhone.

You can pick one up on Amazon.

Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects: $8.99

If your father loves to tinker, and he’s as big of a geek as you are, you’re going to want to pick him up this book. Geek Dad is a geeky father’s instruction manual for completing things like, transforming any room into a spaceship, building a lamp out of LEGO bricks and CDs, as well as constructing the best Slip n’ Slide ever.

At $8.99 this is the perfect supplementary gift to round out a Father’s Day gift.  Don’t think your dad’s the coolest dad on the block?  Maybe all he needs is some encouragement, and a couple of ideas.  Geek Dad will help, a lot.

Pick it up on Amazon.

Apple’s Airport Express: $95.86

Does Dad travel alot? Does he constantly complain about not having a wireless network wherever he goes? Then he’s subtly asking for an AirPort Express, think of it as a wireless router for on the go. The AirPort Express lets you connect up to 10 users at a time, print wirelessly, and stream your iTunes library (music) to a stereo, or speaker system. A lot of people swear by the Airport Express, and some even use it as a full time router system for their home network.  As a music nerd, I can attest to the pain that hooking up a computer to the home audio system can be, if you plug this bad boy in close enough to your stereo, you’ll be able to fully appreciate your iTunes music library and share your internet connection at the same time.

Pick one up on Amazon.

Apple’s Magic Mouse: $66.99

Everything’s next-gen these days. The Next-Gen web is upon us, so what about a new age mouse that’ll let dad navigate all of these next generation systems seemlessly? Apple’s Magic Mouse will let dad surf the internet using the world’s first ever multi-touch mouse. It’s like a laptop trackpad, but it’s a mouse. Pretty amazing when you think about it that way.  At $66.99 this bluetooth mouse is a must-have for any Apple-geek.

Pick one up on Amazon.

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