31 Days Of OS X Tips: Remove Words From Your User Dictionary

If you’re not careful, you can accidentally click Add to Dictionary when running OS X’s built-in spell checker. You then have to contend with a spell checker that thinks that “pathedic” is a correct spelling. How to remedy this?


It’s surprisingly easy. Retype the wrong spelling, right-click it, and select “Unlearn Spelling.”

If you are unsure how you spelled the word wrong, you can edit this yourself. Just be careful, as you don’t want to mess this file up.

  1. Open your user Library (Hold the Option key and open the Go menu in the Finder, then Select Library).
  2. Open the Spelling folder.
  3. Open the LocalDictionary file in your text editor of choice.
  4. Delete the offending word.
  5. Save the file.
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