31 Days Of OS X Tips: The Complete List

All throughout December, we here at Macgasm have published some of our favorite OS X tips, both basic and advanced. Miss some? No problem. Here’s the complete listing.

  1. Lock Your Mac When You Walk Away
  2. Keep Your Mac From Sleeping Using The Terminal
  3. Show The Path Bar In The Finder And Get A Sense Of Place
  4. Remove Words From Your Spellchecker Dictionary
  5. Convert Meters To Feet Using Spotlight
  6. Show Tags As Stacks In The Dock
  7. Easily Disconnect From A Wi-Fi Network
  8. Hide Your Mac App Store Purchases
  9. Remove Reference Sources From The Dictionary App
  10. Unhide Apps In The Mac App Store
  11. Change Which App Opens A File
  12. Use Screen Saver Images As Desktop Backgrounds
  13. Add Your Hard Drive To The Desktop
  14. Change Audio Input/Output Via The Menubar
  15. Add Custom Keyboard Shortcuts For Your Apps
  16. Take Control Of The Finder Sidebar
  17. Convert PDF Pages To A PNG Or JPEG File
  18. Use Automator To Resize Multiple Images At Once
  19. Type Complex Emoticons With OS X’s Text Replacement Tool
  20. Put Off Software Updates Until Tomorrow
  21. Show The Finder Inspector And Get Info On All The Things
  22. Hide Preference Panes From View In System Preferences
  23. Mute Notifications With A Single Click
  24. Change Your FaceTime Ringtone
  25. Get Started With A New Mac
  26. Use A Shell Script To Clean Up Your Downloads Folder: Part 1 | Part 2
  27. Get At Hidden OS X Settings With Tinkertool
  28. Use Chrome To Isolate Adobe Flash
  29. Create Your Own Ringtones In GarageBand
  30. Move Bookmarks From Other Browsers Into Safari
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