Time to Get Ready for Our Date with Steam!

After the much hated “Valve Time” since we last heard about their Steam client coming to Mac, we finally have a release date. Yesterday, a statement was released informing the public that they can fully expect the Mac version of the gaming client to be released on May 12, 2010.

Originally, we were forced to wait until ‘late April’ for the release of Steam and we got that.. sort of. In April we saw the beta release of Steam. Now hopefully, in May we see its full release. Now that the PC version of Valve’s newly designed Steam client has officially launched out of beta, one can only hope that we have a serious and reachable release date for May 12th. Valve has been known to be a slacker when it comes to hitting release dates, so it won’t be so much of a surprise if May 12 really means July 1st.

As of right now we can expect the core games from Valve to be available for purchase upon its release:

– Left 4 Dead 2
– Team Fortress 2
– Counter-Strike
– Portal
– Half-Life series

It’s currently only speculation as to what other games may be available on Steam for us Mac users. However, this could mean the process of games coming to our Mac’s will speed up a whole hell of a lot. Instead of months and years of waiting, we may see simultaneous releases or just a few week waits. We’ll have to keep each other posted!

Article via Kotaku
Photo Credit: Steam & Professor Bop

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