TidySongs cleans up your iTunes library


    Whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve all downloaded music at some point.  Tags and album art don’t always match up the way we might like them to, and manually editing the file info is tiresome at best, and downright annoying at worst.  Didn’t we invent computers so we could take mundane tasks out of our lives and do something a little more interesting?

    I’m kind of cheating here a little because it’s an Air App, but I thought it was handy enough to pass it along to you.

    Tidy Song literally tidies up your crappy media tags in the songs. Do you have a song by Sublime that’s labeled as Bob Marley?  Everyone has one or two of those kicking around.  Tidy Song fixes it.  It also removes duplicate songs, fixes misspelled songs,  fills in years and genre information, and adds missing album artwork.  It’s beautiful.

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