This thing is the ruggedest piece of equipment ever…

A couple month back I wrote about how my shuffle was finally dead on my personal blog. Today, it’s alive and well. Simply amazing! I was doing a big cleanup in my room, attempting to get rid of various junk before I have to start packing for my move to Ottawa July 1st. I uncovered a huge box filled with tech stuff that I can’t bring myself to throw away. I always seem to think that it might come in handy at some point down the road but it rarely does. In this box sat my ipod shuffle. I probably through it in the box after my last post. Being faced with a difficult decision, do I throw it away or mount it on my wall as the most rugged piece of hardware I’ve ever owned, I decided to plug it in one more time… for old times sake. The LED lit up and started flashing. So far so good. Then I decided to unplug it pop in my headphones and push play. Out of the headphones comes…

” You got them bruises placed upon your legs
You got them scratchmarks [around there on the edge]
I know your story
It won’t be up straight
Cuz when I’m not there
I know you can’t wait

This ain’t the first time
I caught you out again
You spend your time
With something dirty now
In a cubicle?

No fuckin lie! Most of you apple geeks probably know this but that was one of the first songs in the Ipod commercials. What are the odds. I swear, no lies! I wish someone had snapped a picture of my face at that exact moment. I would have looked like a boy on christmas morning looking at the pile gifts for the first time.

I’m so excited, I have my ipod back. I can finally save the money I was going to put towards a new one, and use it on an iphone when it drops instead. I’m estatic…

Joshua Schnell