This Lamp Is Powered By A Chewed MagSafe Adapter

What do you do when your MagSafe is chewed by your puppy? Use it to power a lamp, of course! At least that’s what the folks at Castor Design are doing with the Coil Lamp. The lamp is crafted out of copper and and aluminum and has LED lights. On the side of the strip of LEDs is a power-port that is powered by a standard Apple MagSafe adapter. Brian Richer of Castor Design has said that, even after his dog chewed his MagSafe, it still passed enough power to power on the LEDs.

Brian Richer via Design Boom:

my dog, lola, chewed though all of the magsafe cables in my house. i noticed that even though the ends were hanging on by a thread, they still passed power. eventually, i ended up with 3 or 4 adapters that still worked, but that i didn’t want to use with my computer. i didn’t want to throw them away, so, after some trial and error, i got them to power up some leds using the magsafe head.’

Not only does the lamp give you a use for a broken MagSafe, it also looks downright beautiful. The Coil Lamp offers a unique coil design on the top and a triangular base on the bottom. These two shapes and copper colored and make for a classy look.

If you’d like a Coil Lamp for your desk, expect to drop a hefty $950 plus a MagSafe adapter for it. You can purchase the lamp on the Matter Matter’s online store.

Via: Cult Of Mac

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