Third-party app developer receives iOS 5 crash report, whither BreadCrumb?

Futuretapios5crashThird-party app developer FutureTap posted this crash report a few days ago on Twitter, saying that it had received its first such report from an iPhone running iOS 5. The report would indicate that Apple is testing iOS 5 with third-party apps, and hopefully means that the next version of iOS is on track for an unveiling at WWDC in June.

The exception was caused by MKUserLocationBreadCrumb. While MKUserLocation is a longstanding part of the iOS MapKit Framework, used to look up a device’s current location, the element “BreadCrumb” is new.

Does this have anything to do with Apple’s new crowd sourced traffic data technology it hinted at in the press release about location data? Bread crumbs are a classic fairy tale way to find your way back home again, unless of course something comes along and eats them. Tough break.

Whatever BreadCrumb is, it’s clear that iOS 5 is alive and being put through its paces.

Article Via CultofMac

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