The Mac Mini is selling quite well on Amazon. Better than iMacs.

There’s a reason Apple’s Mac Mini lineup isn’t defunct, and it’s got everything to do with it being the number one desktop computer in their lineup. It blew my mind when I saw the graphic on Amazon, denoting both the first and second spots as being held by the Mac Mini.

It’s always held a special place in my heart because it’s such a multi-purpose machine. Need a media center? Check. Need a home server? Check. Need something to try out OS X on? Check.

Mac Mini’s Are Selling Great On Amazon

This graphic gave me a bit of a moment of clarity. How jaded have we become as Apple users? We’re constantly decrying its specs, and more importantly the usefulness of the Mac Mini as a primary machine. It’s spent a good chunk of the last two years in the rumor mill, not for getting an update, but for getting put out to pasture with the G5s, and Power PC machines of the past. And still, despite all of that, it manages to come up as the number one and number two desktop computer in Apple’s product line on Amazon.

Looks Like the Mac Mini Still Has A Place in the Lineup

Sure, it might not be a traditional Mac users choice of machine, but the simple fact remains, it’s selling, and it’s probably increasing Apple’s market share quite substantially. I wonder if Apple keeps track of previous Apple consumers purchasing tendencies, people who’ve purchased Apple computers in the past, and then compares them to the purchases of first time Mac owners. I’d be willing to bet that longer term Mac users recommend iMacs over Mac Minis nine times out of ten. I know that I tend to fall into that category.

Maybe the numbers are finally starting to tell the story, and the moral of said story is that the Mac Mini is far more important to the Apple line up then most of us Apple geeks give it credit for. Whether we like it or not, the Mac Mini is here to stay, and I for one am ecstatic that it’s still in the lineup.

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