Telus will begin unlocking iPhones

Telus, a GSM carrier in Canada, will be adding a service for their users starting February 15th.

As of February 15th, customers will be able to unlock their device for a fee of $50. There is a slight catch with this, however, as users will be required to have their device on the network for at least 90 days.

As the Electronista article points out, this will not get users out of their contract but will help travellers defer roaming fees. The only current drawback is that the iPhone is not immediately available for a Telus unlock, but it should be available in a relatively short time.

The $50 fee to unlock your iPhone is not a bad deal, although this is not a necessary cost, just a deterrent for most users. Those who do travel quite a bit will find this an insignificant cost that could save them more than $50 in the long run.

One last thing—what about devices that are only $50 or even $100? It would seem absurd to pay 100% or even 50% of the cost of the device just to unlock your phone.

Article Via Electronista

Photo Credit: Lee Hayward

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