TED makes iOS app universal and brings new features

TED is known for its abundance of wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration shared from its library of videos. It’s also known for trying its best to make things easier for the viewers. This includes making great mobile apps. When I met and spoke with its owner, Chris Anderson, our conversation remained on how the TED app could be improved. Well, TED’s free iPad app has been recently updated to be universal. Now you can get a dose of wisdom on the go from your 3.5-inch screen.

The app brings some new features including TEDradio, which will offer access to a continuous stream of TED talks (online and offline), and “Inspire Me,” which will give users the ability to tell the app what kind of talks they want to see:

Browse + share: Users can see the latest TEDTalks videos as soon as they’re published. Browse the TED library by theme, tag or rating. Search for a talk or speaker by name, topic or popularity. Share a talk over Facebook, Twitter or email. And download videos directly to the device for offline viewing.

Discover new ideas: Using the “Inspire Me” feature, users can tell the app what kind of talks they want to see (Inspiring? Funny? Jaw-dropping?), dial in how much time they have, and let the TED app build a custom playlist to fit their schedule — for viewing immediately or watching later.

AirPlay: Built-in AirPlay support on the iPhone app allows users to play TEDTalks on any Apple TV-enabled television.

So go get your hands on this universal app and be inspired. Did I mention it’s available for free?

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