Tap & Track Aids with Weight Loss

Earlier, we reviewed the excellent protein-tracking app, Muscle Gainer. From the people who brought you that excellent app, nanobitsoftware.com, we’ll now take a look at Tap & Track ($2.99), an app that’s similar in function but perhaps more useful for those looking to diet or keep track of his/her general food intake.

This application is a great at-a-glance food intake tracker, as pictured. It predominantly focuses on fat and carb intake, whereas the secondary app, Muscle Gainer, focuses on protein and calories. (An application that would combine all of this would be extremely ideal.) Like its sister application, you can input food details or search for foods via a database with more than 80,000 food items. It also has a detailed restaurant search.

But if you eat, you better be exercising too. Tap & Track lets you input your exercise, be it skating and biking or some sort of gym fitness. Once you get to the specific workout you performed, it will tell you how many calories were burned in a specific time period. For example, did you know that playing Ping Pong for 7 hours straight under normal intensity burns 2308 calories? Neither did I – but that’s the kind of information you can get from Tap & Track, and it’s pretty useful.

Detailed statistics can be viewed via the Log option, which gives you a nice “Nutrition Info” label associated with each day, which does show you the total number of calories consumed, among everything else you’d expect of a nutrition label. (Again, having “calories” on the main screen would make this app stellar.) You can also see a breakdown of foods consumed in any day, or the exercise done that day. And if you want to generate reports, the app can do that too, be it a single day’s report (Today’s), a report for the last 7 days, or a custom report (any desired start/end day). And of course, no weight tracking application would be complete without a daily weight chart, and this app’s got that too.

All in all, Tap & Track is a comprehensive solution for those looking to discipline themselves and chart their carb and fat intake. There’s more potential for this app, but it’s pretty darn exhaustive as-is, and that’s important.

Tamar Weinberg is a blogger and author of The New Community Rules (July 2009), a book on social media marketing and how to leverage existing communities for awareness and profit. She is also a new mom.