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The OpenTable iPhone app is the perfect idea for the iPhone. You’re stuck in traffic and can’t get to a phone book to find a restaurant or your girlfriend asked you to reserve dinner at Chez Bernies and you forgot. No you can sneak away and turn it on and get the closest restaurants to you (thanks to GPS location), then choose a time, a party size and presto a reservation that is confirmed and ready for you. The iPhone was built for apps like this and OpenTable has built a great app to support it. The only catch is the restaurant must be using the OpenTable reservation software, so your favourite restaurant might not be on the list.

Another plus, if you book through OpenTable you get Dining Rewards Points (100pts per reservation) which when accumulated are good for dining vouchers (2000 points = $20 voucher) at affiliated OpenTable restaurants. So there are perks to using this app and service, in addition to convenience and fast reservations.

This app is a must have for travelers on the go, who are looking to explore the cuisine in a new city, makes finding location, menu, reviews and confirming reservations easy – all in one app.

Great features like reservation modification and canceling of a reservation are easy with Open Table iPhone app. If you are a concierge, assistant or similar and are used to booking reservations for your clients, Open Table offers Administration accounts (Dining Reward Points eligible) that will allow you to book for another party straight from your phone. Like you needed another reason to get an iPhone.

Available in select cities in the US, Canada and UK.

Available in iTunes

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