Supporting Microsoft Windows for Friends and Family: A Mac-User’s Hell

RIIIIING! RIIIIING! RIIIIING! Waking up to a tech support call is the worst possible way to start out my day. After wasting an entire Sunday dicking around with someone’s wireless printer, I have now decided that it isn’t worth my time or effort to fix the computer of anyone I am not dating or married to currently. That said, I have come up with a solution that I believe will leave everyone satisfied.

When a friend or family member calls me with a tech support question, my policy is now to write down their problem on my steno pad. Then, I’ll find the support website and phone numbers for the manufacturer of the malfunctioning device. After that, I’ll call back my loved one, and give them the contact information where they can find help. They get their problem fixed, and I keep my sanity. They might have to put in some more work, but that really isn’t my responsibility. Give a man a fish, etc.

Photo Credit: Evil Erin, stuartpilbrow

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