StumbleUpon Releases iApp

StumbleUpon is one of the most relevant services on the interweb for sharing interesting content. If you’re a website owner, you know the tool, if you’re a casual web surfer, you’re probably one of the over 10 million users that have utilized the tool.

Now the company has launched their official iApp and I must admit, this is a very slick app that is actually quite fun to use.

The StumbleUpon app takes user ratings, site quality, and some other behind the scenes factors into consideration when you press the Stumble button, you’ll see pages that your friends and like-minded users have recommended across the interweb. When you, in turn, rate  sites with the intuitive thumbs up or thumbs down icons, you help StumbleUpon learn more about your preferences which then allows the service to present you with more sites matching your consumption patterns.

Not only can you stumble websites, but you can stumble through Flickr, YouTube, photo galleries, and various news sites.

This app just opened a whole new dimension of web browsing for me since I can quickly, from any location, see what my colleagues are recommending online.

Apparently others who have downloaded this app feel the exact same way, as there is nothing lower than a 4 star rating in review section on the App Store.

From the official press release

“Following the success of our iPad app, we’re excited to extend the stumbling experience to iPhone and Android device users, letting people explore the best of the web at any time no matter where they are,” said Garrett Camp, founder and CEO. “Downloading the app is easy and once logged-in, users can discover great online content that’s tailored to their preferences.”

The new StumbleUpon app is optimized for the mobile discovery experience and uses the same personalized recommendation technology users would encounter using their personal computer or iPad. Through their mobile phone, users can ‘thumb-up’ or ‘thumb-down’ sites they like or dislike, and preferences are saved for their next session when they open the app.

Users can narrow their stumbling to a particular category, such as Photography or Science, or browse through pages in no particular category. They can also view content on best-in-breed content sites, flipping through lush photography on Flickr or funny videos on YouTube.

Start stumbling today and while  you’re at it…add me to your follower list – we may have stuff in common.  Better yet, toss your user name into the comments and we’ll add you!

The free app is available for download from Apple’s iTunes store here or through the Android Market here.

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