Studio Neat Intros An Adjustable Glif Tripod Mount

Studio Neat, the folks behind the Glif tripod mount for iPhone, have just introduced an adjustable Glif stand. This adjustable mount fixes the issue of having to purchase a new Glif every time Apple changes the iPhone’s design, and also allows non-iPhone users to get in on the fun.

The adjustable stand looks like a standard iPhone Glif, but it has an adjustable arm that can fit any phone between 58.4mm and 86.4mm in width and 3.1mm to 12.7mm in thickness. You can also use the included hex key to keep the Glif locked to your phone’s dimensions.

The Glif is a funded Kickstarter project by Studio Neat that is both a smartphone stand and tripod mount. The new Glif has completely replaced the classic, iPhone-only Glif that was previously available for purchase. You can purchase a new Glif for $30.


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