Store Your Application Serials Easily with a Serial Manager.

If you’re an application junkie like most of us Mac users are, than you know full well that maintaining your information for your serial codes can be a bit of a pain. Worry no longer, there’s applications that help you maintain them. There are difference between them, but they all get the job done quite effectively.


This one’s a little lesser known than the other applications, but it also does its job very well and keeps your information organized and in one place. The perk to this app is it does one thing, and one thing only–organizes your serial information. Some applications do a number of things and in doing so, cost more. If you only need an application that backs up serials, this is a great place to start.


1Password isn’t just an application to manage your serials. Instead it lets you manage passwords, identities, credit cards and memberships. It’s really an all in one manager these days, and the price reflects that. Don’t get me wrong, I love 1Password so much that I own it, and I fully intend on purchasing it again when it hits version 3. But, as far as serial managers go, 1Password is a little bit pricey if you don’t need all that other functionality that it provides. That being said, if you need a password manager, 1Password is well worth the money and investment.

License Keeper

License Keeper is another heavy hitter when it comes to maintaining your license key information on your Mac. One thing it does that stands out from the others is let you scan emails for your serial information. It’s a huge time saver when you consider that most software purchases these days are over the internet. The less time spent manually typing the better.

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