Stick ’em up and give me your 1Password!

    Most of us are lazy when it comes to our passwords. I mean, come on! We have passwords for work, personal, and then for websites. So it is just natural to pick something we can remember and use that for everything. I know I have been guilty of it. If people know you well enough they can normally guess your password too. Over 90% of people use their children as there password. Are you one of those people? If they don’t use their children ,they use their animal’s names. Maybe you are that person.

    But now, you don’t have to use your regular old password. With 1Password, you can create strong passwords and only need to remember one password to access them! 1Password has been around for a while and I have used it for the past year. But I have to admit, until recently I have only used it like the mac OS X keychain. But recently that has changed when somehow the password for my Amazon account got changed. So to be safe I changed it from my generic password to a 42 character long password with numbers, characters and symbols. This has slowly become the case for a majority of my passwords as well. But what about if you have multiple Macs? Or an iPhone. No Problem. With multiple Macs you can use MobileMe or other services like DropBox. I just started using dropbox with my 1password and I have to say it works a lot better. And the best part about DropBox is it is FREE! Well for 2GB that is. But what about the iPhone you ask. Well 1Password has an app for it as well. But you may have one other concern. What if you use machines at work? or the Library? or even a friends house? Well you can export your 1password list as a encrypted PDF and put it on a jump drive (FlashDrive).

    1Password is available at for $39.95. You may think that is expensive, But what’s more expensive, the application or some one guessing your simple password for your bank account and taking all your money? You can try it free too. So give it a whirl.

    Corey is a product of the technical revolution. Being raised around technology his entire life makes him very knowledgeable of the field. With a passion for social media, apple products and the android OS he never runs out of things… Full Bio