Steam’s Summer Sale!

All right, Steamers! Time to buckle up, get that wallet out, and start buying! From June 24 until July 4, Valve, using its Steam platform, will be having another epic sale on video games. Games included in this sale are not just low-rated independent games, but actually include games like Half Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and more!

Steam does this regularly, but rarely on this scale. With the number of sales going on, you’d think Steam is trying to sell out of stock before going out of business! To top it off, Steam is also having limited-time sales, which means that there are daily and hourly countdowns to their sales, so you’ve got to act fast!

Get off your high horse and start buying. It’s times like these when the price of a new game (roughly $60) can get you ten games! Venture on over to Steam’s website or log in to the platform to see the ongoing sales.

Article Via Powered By Steam

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