Starbucks Now On Passbook: Here’s How To Get Set Up (US Only)

As I sit here drinking my frothy skinny vanilla latte, I’m happy to let all you fellow Starbucks addicts know that you can now grab your java with iOS’s Passbook.

With Passbook being location-aware, it’s pretty cool that your Starbucks Card will now magically show up on the lock screen of your iPhone when you walk into any Starbucks location. To pay, just swipe your Starbucks “pass” in Passbook and show the barcode to your friendly barista for scanning.

Here’s what you need to do to get set up:

  1. Download the update from the App Store.
  2. Launch the app. You’ll be asked if you want to add your card to Passbook. Do it. (If the prompt doesn’t happen, tap the Manage button beneath the card and choose Add to Passbook.)
  3. Choose your favorite Starbucks location. (This is how your pass will pop up in your lock screen when you walk in.)
  4. Your Pass will be created and presented to you on the Home screen. Tap Add.
  5. Drink Coffee.

It’s operational but not as pretty as it could be for iPhone 5 users. The Starbucks app has been updated for the new operating system but not for the new screen dimensions of the device, so it will appear centred on your screen in portrait mode with those ugly black bars above and below.

When Passbook originally launched on September 19th, Starbucks wasn’t available on the service, which had some coffee junkies agitated. It promised an update by the end of September so the delivery today is a little late, but hey, better ‘latte’ then never! (See what I did there?)

UPDATE:¬†Unfortunately for Canadians, and it looks like the Aussies too, we’re out of luck on this update for the moment. It’s only working in the US right now.

Image Credit: Macworld

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