Sprint CEO Hesse defends iPhone decision

A $15.5 billion commitment to buy iPhones from Apple. A $7 billion network upgrade project. These are very real, and very large, numbers that Sprint CED Dan Hesse is staring in the face right now, as rumors of the #3 cellular company in America considering bankruptcy swirl this week.

In an interview with Mobile World Live, Hesse addresses criticism against Spring by stating that iPhone sales have “exceeded expectations” to this point. “Four out of every ten iPhone we sold [in the 4th quarter] are for new customers,” he said. “That’s roughly double the rate of either of our competitors [AT&T and Verizon], so we’re pulling a lot of customers from our competitors.”

He goes on to mention the biggest draw for Sprint customers, which is their unlimited smartphone data plan. “My plan is to continue for as long as we can, hopefully forever. The customers have spoken very clearly on this: they like simplicity and unlimited. It’s a differentiator in the market.”

Here’s hoping you’re right, Mr. Hesse. I’ve had Sprint for years, and I love it. Simple, great coverage, and unlimited? You can’t beat it.

Nic Lake
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