The Spigen Slimbook Keeps Your iPad Air Slim And Professional

The Spigen Slimbook is a new folio-style case for iPad Air that not only looks professional, but adds minimal bulk to your iPad when installed. The case is crafted out of a Metallic Polyurethane material, making it super thin and super light. It still absorbs shock from drops, so don’t you go worrying about damage.

The inside of the case is coated in a non-slip fabric, so you can be sure your iPad won’t get scratched when it’s housed in the Slimbook.

The case also has automatic sleep/wake functionality like Apple’s Smart Cover, so putting your iPad to sleep is as simple as closing the Slimbook’s cover. As far as stand functionality goes, it doesn’t offer a typing angle, so steer clear from this case if you plan on busting out articles or essays on your iPad. The case does, however, offer a movie viewing stand angle.

You can purchase a Slimbook for your iPad Air for $40.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.